Soya Dry Fry!

Back in school, I used to love visiting my best friend’s house. (The one from the First Diary if you guys remember!) Now this wasn’t just because her family always welcomed me warmly; it was also because I was absolutely greedy for loved the Soya dish that Aunty used to make!!

I did try to make it a few times by myself with some supervision from Amma. However, I would always end up making a gravy or a curry out of it. Plus, I would waste a lot of ingredients in the process and burn the pan as well. Our house would be clouded with fumes and smoke occasionally. But with no reports of casualty whatsoever mind you! Okay, I sense you doubting my culinary skills. I chose to digress!

Today afternoon as I sauntered into the kitchen, my eyes fell on a packet of soya beans I had purchased last month. In the background Amma was bugging me to study and I knew this was the opportune moment to declare my decision to cook. (I hope you notice how I inspire myself even in the direst of circumstances!)

I immediately Googled the recipe and found what I was looking for. The recipe on Jane’s blog on Cucumber Town seemed pretty promising and well within the parameters of my culinary abilities. Without any further delay I set some water to boil so that I could soak the soya beans in them. Needless to say there was a lot of dangerous action in our kitchen which is why Amma did not argue and stayed away when I told her to let me cook.

Mission Soya took a good one hour owing to the fact that I was adamant about the dish being perfect. Everything was done as per the plan of action – from chopping two full onions to climbing the backyard wall to pluck curry leaves. Let’s leave the story of how I burnt a pan of oil out of this because nothing can rain on my parade today!

The end result of this disaster you wonder? Ha! Success!!

Look what I made!! 😀


Soya Dry Fry

Now for those of you who haven’t visited Jane’s Blog, here’s a glimpse of what the real thing is supposed to look like!

Image taken from Jane’s Blog

I think it’s pretty close to what I was aiming for! Even if it’s not, I don’t mind. The whole bowl’s been licked clean by my elder brother! 😀 My family’s given me the thumbs up! Amma owing to her relief that I am finally cooking something other than Maggi and Dosa and Anna because he likes to be fed good food. (Kidding! My brother’s my rock! ❤ )

I have half a mind to start trying out new dishes every Saturday from now on.What about you? Do you like cooking? Or do you save your culinary secrets for later and let someone else toil in the kitchen?!