Second Century!

2 months. 36 posts. 6563 views. 2125 visitors. 795 likes. 763 comments.

And now 200+ followers!


Today morning, I wanted to write this awesome post expressing my love and gratitude to all those of you who have been kind enough to follow, visit and sometimes even dared to do the unthinkable – read my blog. But then I realized I may drive away some of you doing that. So, let me just say this – Thank you!! *Tries to bob a curtsy but turns clumsy*

You guys have given me hope that I may not be that bad a writer after all! I believe a bigger club calls for better writing and I pray to God that I don’t disappoint you.

Once again, thanks for all the love and affection!

Oh oh.. Almost forgot! Special mention to Meloheart and Priscillapower for helping me cross the 200+ mark!


P.S. Above statsĀ are limited to the likes, comments andĀ  views of my blog posts alone; calculated manually to ensure authenticity of information. (In other words, I didn’t cheat!)