Above the Clouds at Nandi Hills

If you ask a Bangalorean which are the places you can visit in and around his/her dear city, it is highly likely that Nandi Hills may be one out of the two or three places s/he may suggest.

To know more about the place, you can check out what Wiki has to say.

I don’t want to ramble on about how much fun it was to take an early morning trip with my friends. I am not going to tell you how breathtakingly beautiful the place was, how amazing the climate was or the fact that I did not want to leave the place ever. But I will share with you some photographs we clicked. Some others I have borrowed from the net as we were too caught up in the moment to even think about freezing time on camera.

So here goes..









Sighting Wayanad

The start of this year has been unusually good for me! Mostly because I did something I have never done before for New Year’s – I took a trip with my family! And not just to any place but to Wayanad!

Wayanad is a beautiful hill station located towards the north-east of Kerala. The best time to visit the place is Dec-Jan because that’s when the temperature drops and you get to experience the awesome climate of Wayanad! Continue reading “Sighting Wayanad”

Unplanned Excursion Fun

Its almost as if I got bitten by the travel bug! I have been going places of late.. Before I could get out of the Ezhattumugham hangover and the reactions from people, we went on our excursion to Wagamon and Wonderla.

Initially we were all skeptical. I don’t think even the tour coordinators were expecting much of a trip while planning it. It was more of a “Lifeile last college tour alle poitu varam” (its our last college excursion) scenario. After a lot of confusion and chaos, some 45 of us along with Sandeep Sir, Anjusha Ma’am and Girish Chettan set out for the tour. 🙂

We arrived on campus at 4.45 am on October 2nd, 2015 as planned. While we were sipping our morning tea, a fancy looking bus with flashy lights and loud music appeared. Half of us actually started grinning seeing the bus. The madness had begun at last! 😀

The drive to Wagamon took about 5 hours . But time flew like anything as music blared and we danced like anything. Crammed together in the aisle of the bus!! On reaching we found that Spice Garden Farm was a medium-sized hotel with a scenic view of the valleys in Wagamon. In the restaurant, we were served a decent breakfast consisting of Puttu and Dosa with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian curries.

From there we proceeded to Motta Kunnu which would translate as Barren Hills in english. The climate was sunny yet pleasant. We walked around for about an hour taking hundreds of photographs including selfies, not to mention “being candid”!! 😀

Then we found ourselves a hill-top to play Vadamvali (Tug of War). We divided ourselves into four teams and played against each other. I have to say I loved the idea because we won!! \\m//

This was again followed by more photo and video shoots in session. Some people went off to raft and some to the overhead rope-way. By the time the sun was up, we headed out to quench our thirst and grab a snack. I must say I loved the slices of mangoes and pineapples with chilli salt. ❤

After everyone was done eating and shooting, we proceeded to the pine forest. It was a beautiful location which had paths leading down the hill with trees lining the way on either side. More photographs, a little bit of trekking, a few leech attacks and we were good to go! As we headed out of the pine forest. there was a slight drizzle which we happily welcomed.

Lunch was arranged at Kurishumala which is a scenic pilgrim spot maintained by the Cisterian Monastery. We had our lunch sitting atop rocks and finished it off with icecreams. As a post lunch exercise, we all clambered up the bus to click pictures. We were too exhausted to climb up the hills and so we returned to the hotel.

At about 6 pm after settling into our rooms, we changed and went off-roading. Man, was that one sexy experience!! I have never done something of the sort before – let alone with a girl gang! That is one evening I’ll never forget. The bumpy ride, getting thrown around in the jeep, the howling and hooting – every single damn thing. 😀

But most importantly, the river!!

We reached a spot where we saw fresh mountain water falling from the rocks in the forest forming crystal clear pools with pebbles at the bottom. We went crazy and jumped in getting soaked in seconds. The water felt light, refreshing and heavenly. 🙂 ❤ Even before we could get enough of it, it was time to leave. After loafing around for another five to ten minutes, we left the spot. It was the same bumpy ride back. Only this time we were all drenched and our hands were slippery. Nor did we want to get back! 🙂

We went back to our rooms to freshen up and change. We gathered at an open area for the campfire. The hotel authorities had arranged some artists to sing for us. The performance was very ordinary but we had our share of fun as we pranced around the fire with some crazy moves. Post-dinner we all went back to our rooms where the rest of the commotion and chaos took place.

Next day morning, after considerable delay in schedule and a sumptuous breakfast, we started for Wonderla at 9 am. There was more music, more dance and more noise.

I think after the off-roading and the river, Wonderla was the second best part of our trip. I was surprised at myself when I decided to try all the rides. I went on the Twin Flip Monster (truly apt name for the ride), Jamaica, Space Gun, Snake Boat, Pendulum, Crazy Cars and the giant water slides (individual ones)!!! And most surprisingly, I did not throw up! 😀 Though I did manage to bruise my elbows! 😀


Before we knew it, the day was over. We all went to the wave pool and drowned ourselves (like literally). We created a ruckus as we drowned. Cheering and howling, wading towards the far end of the pool as the guard kept blowing his whistle! Finally, it was over. We showered and changed before we ate some snacks and headed back to the bus.

We went to a hotel at Edapally for dinner. I couldn’t stay as my parents picked me up to go home. As I climbed into the bus I realized how tired I was.

That night I slept peacefully. I don’t think it was just exhaustion. It was because I was happy and I knew every minute had been worthwhile!! ❤

Till next time, Ciao! 🙂

Another Jaunt

Life keeps getting in the way and its almost impossible to sit down and write whats going on. Because there’s so much to say and so little time..!!

The most recent update being the trip I took with my family day before yesterday.

I don’t remember the last time I went on a care-free trip with my cousins. The only memories I have of such trips are safely compiled in select photo albums. Like my cousins I am a school-going kid in all the pictures.

Yes, we do meet every now and then. When someone gets married, an uncle or aunt turns sixty, when a couple celebrate their anniversary, Onam, Vishu, Christmas and whenever there are such cliche yet special occasions. But there’s never been a time in the last five years, when we all just wanted to take a break from whatever we were doing and get out of home. Not until day before.

All the credits would go to my mother of course!! 🙂

We decided to go to Ezhattumugham, a riverside picnic spot situated about 12 kilometres away from Nedumbassery airport. Even though I was a little skeptic initially about going to the place, what I saw as we reached there made me change my mind.

Set in a secluded area with pristine green vegetation, the location by itself was beautiful. The river was enchanting as it flowed through thick forests forming rock pools of crystal clear water which served as bathing banks for all. Plus, the Ezhattumugham-Thumpoormuzhi hanging bridge only added to the beauty of the place.

As we reached the place, I was surprised to see Appa turn into a child! From all the times I remember, I have not seen him this enthusiastic and lively! The minute we crossed over a small rivulet to reach the main banks, my father went and sat on a rock so that the river water came up to his waist. I shall never forget how happy he looked as he took his shirt off and took a dip in the river, letting the water soak him. I shall never forget how he waded off to sit on a rock in the middle of the river, despite the fact that he couldn’t swim -stumbling but smiling. 🙂

I don’t know how quickly time flew as we whiled our time away in the water. All I remember is how much fun we had. As each of us made our way to join my father as he floated in the river without a care in the world. As we helped each other get to the middle of the river one at a time, forgetting how none of us knew to swim, forgetting how treacherous the river was. I recall how we shrieked as we drowned ourselves in the water banging and bruising our arms and legs against the rocks. I remember amidst all this how Amma was silently praying to the gods to keep her children safe – something only a mother could manage! 🙂

By the time we got out of the water, the sun was high up on the west. After a quick snack and some ice creams, we headed out to the Prakrithi Gramam Park on the other side of the hanging bridge. The park was pretty big for its kind on a river bank. It had a beautiful garden with all kinds of flowers and plants.

My cousins and I became children again as we went inside the park. The swings, the see-saws and the slides brought back some truly happy memories we had shared a decade ago. All the more surprisingly, our parents became excited and took turns at the bigger swings. 😀 Here was a park where there were no boards for age limits, where you could use the swings and slides without having to struggle to fit in or fearing you would break it. I wouldn’t ever forget the smiles that flashed across any of our faces or the laughter which filled our ears that day.

As all good things come to an end, so did our day. At five in the evening, none of us wanted to leave the park. Tired and exhausted as we were, we did not want to leave. As far as I was concerned, I wished to take the river and the park home with me. Physically impossible though it is, I did! 🙂

Maybe my moms prayers were heard after-all. After we reached home around seven, it rained cats and dogs. Needless to say, we coaxed my cousins and their parents into a sleepover – yet another blue moon in years. The night was again memorable as we cracked jokes, dined together, looked through old photographs and played pranks – all under one roof. 🙂

Almost as if it was too luxurious, mundane life intervened again and we had to split our ways the next day. But, I am not complaining. That one day was sufficient to rekindle our bond and to bring us all together; to make us all realize how much we mean to each other as family. I hope we have many more such days together! 🙂