Homecoming of the Champions

Before you start judging or reading, let me warn you. You are going to come across some objectionable statements and opinions I have written. You may disagree. But keep your thoughts to yourself because this is my space.

I have been meaning to write for over two weeks now. But I haven’t had the time or patience to do it owing to our semester end chaos. However, it all makes sense now and I am glad I did not write it then. Because this is a better story altogether! 🙂

As I write today, I believe I voice not just my personal opinion. Rather I express what has been haunting a batch of 120 students for over a year. Did I say haunting? Sorry. I meant to say eating into the heads of 120 students.


If you wish to know how difficult it is to earn respect on campus, you should ask an MBA student from SCMS. Because we have literally lived through discrimination over and over again. We don’t hate PGDM students or their faculty. But unfortunately the feeling has not been reciprocated. And this scenario is LEGENDARY.

From DAY 1, we have encountered hostility and contemptuousness on numerous occasions. I can understand the contempt part – we opted for a university degree over an autonomous course. Yes, we learn the age old syllabus prescribed by MGU. Yes, we have an eight hour class compared to PGDM’s 24×7 life chart. But why do you not understand we made that choice and we are happy about it. If we can live it, why can’t you??

I shall agree on somethings though. So far our hashtags have been:

  • Loud
  • Undisciplined
  • Rebellious
  • Good Marks
  • Hooligans
  • Lazy
  • Vain
  • Disobedient
  • Degree-Student Behavior
  • Poor Subject Knowledge
  • No Talents
  • Casual/Negative Attitude

The list is endless. We are a mix of all of this. Agreed. We accept it. We  have heard it over and over again infinite number of times. But isn’t it time someone actually revised the list and took note of the present day scenario? Maybe if someone did, he/she would find how the tables have turned.

  • Was CAM 2K15 not the first of its kind on campus? Was it not a success?
  • Have we not organized literally every Kerala Government conference and meet (except the ones at SCMS) at par and sometimes even better than PGDMs?
  • Did we not go on a final year tour this year? Something which doesn’t happen with PGDM or they don’t bother with.
  • What about the Fresher’s Day welcome this year? I think I heard someone say it was ‘historic’.

And now the most important accomplishment ever. From a batch that worked hard and prayed harder for a moment to prove ourselves. God’s been kind to us. We got three such moments.


We did it. All in two weeks. Months of frustration finally turned meaningful when we WON. No, we did not plan or strategize to win. In fact, we were quite hopeless – till the first win. TIll RCBS Inflore 2015 happened. That was where our batch came together to work as a unified team to win the damned fest!! That shiny trophy now rests peacefully on the shelf of our esteemed Director.

A week later, we bagged two more. One from MES and one from Alberts.

Whatever happened to PGDM? Either they came second or they went home.


Well this might sound very anti-PGDM in every sense. I would like to clarify that that is not the point I am trying to make.

I do not wish to slander anyone. All I mean is that its about time people (especially some) around here accepted the fact that MBA Batch 12 is as good as or even better than PGDM Batch 23 any given day! And not just our batch but every other batch. We don’t want to be appreciated on a daily or monthly basis (which won’t happen anyway). All we want is the comparison and derogatory talk to stop. Seriously, its annoying and now it just got boring.

funIf winning three championships fair and square after competing with whom you call the best and accomplishing everything we have so far doesn’t prove it, then I don’t know what will. But we won’t stop here. We did not win to make a point. We won because we CAN and we will continue to kick ass no matter what the rest of the world thinks or says.

Till the next victory, we shall NOT keep calm and remain just the way we are – with no regrets and nobody to impress! 😀


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