The Brain behind the Blog

Imagine a deeply inspiring and meaningful quote here.

Done? Awesome! Now let’s talk about me.

As you would have already judged (despite yourself) in the split second gap between reading the last sentence and this one – Yes, I am a little crazy! But don’t you worry. The only thing I intend to infect you with is my subtle humor (which I have heard is pretty good) and my loveΒ for life!

On this blog you’ll see a lot of posts ranging from Fiction to Glimpses of My Life to my Travel Diaries and my Childhood Memories. (Check out the Blog Basket section on the left side of your screen for more!) You may occasionally stumble upon some utterly absurd theories and philosophies every now and then. But nothing you can’t relate to! You see, there’s no rocket science here – because the only rocket science I can conjure up are the two words themselves.

Oh.. I sporadically use big words too! (See what I did there?!) Though usually I keep it simple. We aren’t here because I need to prove my lexicon abilities to you, right? We are here to connect and that’s exactly what I strive to do through my writing. Meanwhile I invite you to join me on my quest to explore the unknown realms of my seemingly non-existent imagination.

Why don’t you make yourself at home and rummage through the blog while I toil in my study to write you an even better post? Yeah? Look around.. Hang out here for a while and see if there’s anything you like!

You know the drill. If you find something you like, go ahead and click that damn button to follow me! Then like, comment, share and tell everyone in your city about this awesome blog!


P. S. If there’s anything else you wish to share with me, you can also write to me at

18 thoughts on “The Brain behind the Blog

  1. Your introduction made me smile, it denotes positive aura. You’ve touched some of my reasons for writing a blog. I blog not only to speak my thoughts and my feelings but more to share a part of my soul with the world. I think your posts are cool.

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  2. Hi Visakha! I’m Yoshier or antartica2095! I have started a new blog and I’m very happy that I found you again! I still love your blog and I would love if you followed my blog! Hope you like my new blog!( And I’m using the name Liah!)
    A new blog award with you included coming soon!
    Find me at:
    Ciao! And thanks!
    ~Fashionliah (aka antartica2095) You can still call me by my name Yoshier!

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    1. Hey yoshier!
      Good to hear from you again. I have been real busy of late – to the point my blog’s been suffering. I’ll check out your new blog ASAP ok? πŸ™‚
      Take care. Good luck!

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