CoVid-19: A Stepping Stone Towards Self-Sufficiency

I randomly checked-in today to check if my blog, once a pet project that consumed all my young adult energy, is still alive – only to be greeted by a little notification that congratulated me on completing 5 years on WordPress. So yeah, you may consider this post a guilt-driven effort of sorts.

Since I have been away almost a good two years, just thought I’d start with a quick recap of what’s been happening recently.

  • I have been doing quite well as a Consultant at a renowned PR firm based out of Bengaluru. *apprehensive about jinxing this like the others*
  • I got married! Yeah, you can say that one took me by surprise as well. πŸ˜‰ But you know how it is, when you meet that person who puts everything else in perspective, there’s only one thing to do – stop the antics that drove the others away and take the plunge.
  • Been trying to get back to my books and seek out measures to keep my creative spirits alive – to be honest, this has been quite a pathetic attempt on my part.
  • And of course, just like most of the world, we have been cooped up in our little nest thanks to CoVid-19.

As I was wondering what I could possibly write about on yet another regular Sunday evening, it struck me that this could be a good opportunity to introspect and pen down some revelations and positives that this crisis has incited.

Becoming my own chef: Whether I chose to or not, the irrational fear of falling prey to the virus resulted in us bidding a very difficult, heart-breaking goodbye to the Swiggys, Dunzos and Zomatos of the world. With time I realized WFH can also translate into frequent cravings for munchies and desserts – especially, when you’re someone like me and has a very self-aware belly that demands to be fed every two hours. This lead to me invariably trying out new recipes – what started as an effort to avoid starvation soon turned into a hobby I started looking forward to. The fact that my partner and family were very encouraging, further made me want to up my game. Before I knew it, I had started making my own snacks, meals and desserts. I even started eating vegetables I hated previously!

Onion Pakoda

I don’t mean to say I don’t get tired of it or that I have become a pro at cooking, but I am certainly proud of how far I have come from being a lazy bag of bones. :’)

Finding my rhythm again: This is just me being deceptive with wordplay..

Being locked indoors with my partner who has a truly deep passion for music, steered me back – I started singing (with him taking the lead of course!) and even attempting to play the ukelele. I managed to learn two classics – ”la vi en rose” and ”can’t help falling in love”, strumming and singing at a moderately slow pace that makes me tolerable (somewhat endearing too I believe).

Making Farmville a reality: That’s right! I don’t know how or why exactly I started out in this direction. But presently, I am attempting to grow tomatoes, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander. I have to admit, when I was back home, my mom used to force me to walk around her garden and show me all her floricultural efforts hoping I would show some appreciation. I remember what a completely useless child I was, refusing to step out, brushing off her invite to laze around inside the house instead. Now, as I parade my amateur attempts, it makes me realize what satisfaction watching a plant grow can bring – what fruition means (no pun intended). And truth be told, I envy the lush gardens my parents and in-laws are privy to.

That aside, it’s a truly happy moment when I wake up and step out into my balcony to discover my little saplings dancing to the wind.

My Chilli Saplings

I know I have started out with many hobbies in the past, only to discontinue them at some point. I am definitely hoping the above will stay on though, because they distract me and bring me happiness when I need it the most. More importantly, I do want to pursue them as I believe they are indications of me finally getting the hang of adulting 101. πŸ™‚


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