The ‘What if’ People

Have you ever looked back at life and wondered about some people you crossed paths with? I am not referring to the people whom you have grown apart from or become closer to.

I am referring to the people who left you or whom you chose to let go.

I am a Cancerian and true to the nature of most of my species, I carry my fair share of baggage too. I drag around the burden of the ‘what ifs’.

I often think of the people who exit my life and those others whom I shut the door on. And every time I wonder “What if I had done something different? What if I had put in a little extra effort? Would things have turned out differently? Would I have been happier?”

Maybe. I don’t know the answer. And it is this answer that evades me and haunts me every time.

I’m not complaining. I’m just thinking out loud. Rhetorically.

In fact, given the option I don’t think I would even want to know the answer. Why you ask? Because deep down I think the answer would bring my way a basketful of disappointment.


I am all ears!

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