Scribbles #7

All these years, they told me “Look at the bigger picture!”

And now when I look back, I realise the little things, the teeny fine details are all that matter.

5 thoughts on “Scribbles #7

    1. I know! In case you haven’t noticed, the post I have stuck on the landing page of my blog is the one where I have given you credits for inspiration. πŸ™‚
      I revisited my blog after what seems like eons today, saw that post and honestly thought of how I haven’t visited your blog in forever. I’m planning to stick around. *Fingers crossed*


      1. Wait what landing page? I’m not aware of it. How do I see it? Do you sense my excitement? xD
        I’m really glad you’re back. I hope I get to read more from your end. Take care. x


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