We lie there on the terrace where you romanticize quantum physics high up in the sky. You’re talking, but I don’t care about a word you say. As always, I’m too busy listening to the sound of your voice. You’re excitedly talking about romance amid the stars while all I do is thank mine for bringing me to you.

Soon you digress to talk about time travel and your words have my attention. I’m listening because my heart yearns for the possibility. In twenty minutes, you’ll be gone and there will be nothing more I’ll want to do than to travel back in time to you.


Thanks for reading!

I haven’t written anything in over a month and I had to will myself to write this because I couldn’t bear to look at my blog. I know it might have been a terrible read (there’s a 90 per cent chance!) or my worst post yet. No apologies however! I’ll just write you a better post the next time. 🙂

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