Relative-ly Sad

I am crumpling fistfuls of my shawl as I wonder how to avoid falling prey to my parents’ trap. I bang my little toe against the wooden chair for the nth time as I walk around aimlessly in the room wishing I could buy myself some more time.

After a lot of coaxing on their part, I have put on a yellow and white salwar kameez, my hair pulled back in a pony tail and just enough kajal smeared around my eyes to hide the sleep-deprived look on my face. I have been dreading this day for a week, living in denial and now it’s finally here. I look up at the clock to realize that they’ll be home any minute and I still don’t have a plan.

Just as the hand on the clock moves to indicate 11:05 am, I hear the sound of a rickshaw approach our house. I step out to affirm the arrival of the misfortune only to walk right into a blizzard of kisses and hugs from Chachi, not to mention the perfume that made me nauseous and the loud cackle. Meanwhile, I can hear Chachaji dicker in the background with the rickshaw wala for ten rupees like the typical skinflint he is.

Holding me at an arm’s distance, Chachi looks at me from head to toe and clicks her tongue in approval. Then, pushes me aside and I watch as the blizzard enters my home. I hear Chachaji call out to me to help him with the luggage. I sigh. They really are going to be here for a whole month.

DISCLAIMER: This is merely a piece of fiction and I love my relatives (or atleast I like to think so). πŸ˜›

9 thoughts on “Relative-ly Sad

  1. Nice story! Thank your stars it’s just chacha-chachi coming over and not the boy’s family coming to ‘see’ the girl πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

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