Being Special


Little Jane frowned. Something wasn’t right.

She was trying to concentrate on reading her alphabet book. But, somehow she couldn’t. Miss Peckerwood and her parents were seated at a near by table and they were discussing her behavior in class.

For some strange reason, Miss Peckerwood was being awfully kind and telling her parents repeatedly that Jane was a special child. But, her parents just wouldn’t believe it! Her mother wouldn’t hear any of it. In fact, she told Miss Peckerwood that her daughter had never been a special child and was just an ordinary kid like any other.

As she watched from where she sat, Little Jane tried to place what was odd about the conversation.

17 thoughts on “Being Special

  1. I loved reading this. Your stories always have a very subtle but beautiful message in them.
    Every parent wants his kid to be special. In fact they even push their kids to be better, perform better and stand out. But those who actually have special kids would rather have an ordinary even though average performing kid.
    The pic goes very well with the story.

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