Bringing Etios Home!

It’s time to kick-start the year 2016!

I know, I know. It’s a late start. But a start nonetheless!

There’s  not much to say in this post really. I am writing this to introduce you to the latest addition to our family – the Toyota Etios G!


After ten years of driving the Santro around, (Yes, ten!) we finally decided to sell it and get a new car. No doubt that I am going to miss the Santro. But, I love the Etios! It’s got everything we need from comfort to style. I definitely suck at the technical stuff which is why I won’t even dare to comment on it!

To add to the joy, my elder brother came home to us after spending a good six months in Mumbai!

And so, we went on a three-day trip taking the Etios out for a spin; the details of which I shall be sharing shortly!

More to say later. I hope the new year’s been treating you well!


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