Sunshine Blogger Award!

Tadaan! I know I am late as ever. But thanks a tonne to my friends Anand and Kaushal for having nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!! You should totally check out Blabberwockying and Expressive Human Original Thoughts. Both of them are brilliant writers and I am sure you would enjoy reading their blogs!

Moving on..


Award Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominators.
  3. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

My Answers to Kaushal:

  • What would you do if you got $50000?

Take a trip to wherever I can with all that money!

  • What is it that makes you unique?(Any three things)

My attitude, my values and my actions.

  • What is your favorite color? why?

Red and Black. Because they represent the strongest of emotions to me.

  • Outsider or insider?


  • Pet lover or hater?

Neither I guess. More of a stay-away and watch person.

  • Your views on a little pot aquarium in your room.

It would be nice. But then I don’t think I would be able to maintain it.

  • Arranged or Love marriage- preference?

Either ways, I hope I find someone perfect for me.

  • Success or Family- more important?

Family always.

  • Do you believe in past sins and re-birth philosophy?

I believe in Karma.

  • What is your favorite number? Why?

8. Because its my birthday.

  • Can you leave your country if you’ll get better future promises in any other country and settle down there?

It would be a lie to say I wouldn’t.

My Answers to Anand:

  • Which is your best memory?

I can’t pick one as such! Memories from my childhood and college are my best.

  • Do you feel you are at peace with yourself?

I don’t think so. I feel there is a lot I can achieve and that I haven’t pushed myself hard enough to attain those things. In a way, this is what motivates me to redefine my limits.

  • Who is your guide, guru or counselor?

Without doubt it is my Anna (elder brother). He is my go to person anytime anywhere. I know he will be honest and sincere to tell me what I need to know and not what I want to hear.

  • What makes you feel very good?

Accomplishing something I have wanted to or finding happiness in doing something outside my comfort zone

  • Which quality or habit in your life you like the most about yourself?

I am straight forward and I call it like I see it. Even though this often means I have to face consequences, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Who are your source of inspiration?

My family, my feminist friends and individuals from the web who help me learn new lessons from either own lives or mine.

  • What is the role of gratitude in your life?

A perpetual feeling.

  • What is your best quality?

I am never afraid to step out of my comfort zone!

  • Has blogging enriched your life? How?

It has. I have read so many remarkable articles on so many blogs! It not just broadened my outlook but also helped me improve as a writer.

  • What is your greatest talent?

Getting uncomfortable!

My Questions:

  1. Which is your dream destination? And why?
  2. What are the three things anybody would notice about you the first time they met you (in person)?
  3. What do you think is your biggest weakness?
  4. Cats or dogs?
  5. What is your idea of fashion (comfort/style)?
  6. Which is your favorite season of the year?
  7. What is your favorite book?
  8. What is the one thing that turns you off?
  9. How would you define happiness?
  10. Name your favorite actors!
  11. Would you rather be born again or live one happy life? Why?

My Nominees:

  1. Ria
  2. Piyusha
  3. Vikram
  4. Moniba
  5. Oba
  6. Jishnu
  7. Tanya
  8. Udit
  9. Jahnavi
  10. Abigail
  11. Josee





16 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Congratulations. I enjoyed reading your answers. I also believe in karma, but you know what that there must someone guiding our birth too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, Visakha!
    congrats for the award and thank you so much for nomination 🙂
    I accept your love with great honour 🙂

    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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