Day 1 : 3 Goals

blogging 201

So I have decided what my three goals are going to be.
1. To publish on my blog atleast twice a week.
2. Read blogs from around the world on every alternate day (no writing).
3. Gain atleast 60 followers by the time Blogging 201 is over.

(Just keeping it real!!)

18 thoughts on “Day 1 : 3 Goals

  1. I think you can use a more sober theme. For example, there’s no sidebar instead all the information looks quite messy(to me), if it intentional then it’s okay.

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    1. Thanks for visiting Kaushal! 🙂
      It was intentional. But since you feel otherwise, I shall soon get down to ordering them in a better fashion. Do keep visiting! 🙂


  2. Hello V,

    Today, I saw that your blog is not customized for the mobile, it will improve your blog’s access.
    Secondly, your Facebook link is invalid, so it’s better you remove that.

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    1. Hey Kaushal..
      Thank you so much for checking out my blog! My internet connection was down for two days. I shall attend to the things mentioned by you immediately. Do check and tell me if its okay! And yeah, the social tab is going to the dogs. I have tried enough times to link it right. Just not meant to be! 🙂

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      1. My pleasure, if I am of any help.So delete it then. And create a page ABOUT(you can check out mine) then use a link to your social sites there.

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      2. Theme’s very good now. Simple and elegant. For the content which you will post from now, try justifying your text as it looks a lot better with pictures(I feel that way).

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