Return of the Carrom Board

When things don’t go too well, you know its time to bring back the Carrom Board.

I am 22 years old and I live with my parents. This is expected to be a shocker for all my non-Indian readers. But, yeah I do! Anyway its been just me and my parents at home for the last six months owing to the fact that my brother is out of station.

Given that my parents are in their late fifties and still working, I am sure you will be able to imagine what things are like at home. Since I am finishing Post Grad this year, it is crucial for me to land myself in a good career. Its the typical middle class scenario sans the drama (except for every now and then). 🙂

We all stay away from home for a good 10 hours a day atleast – me in college and my parents at work. The only time we sit and talk is during late tea and dinner. The conversations usually vary from what happened during the day to any current social issue or any impromptu matters that any of us may want to discuss.

But if this goes on for six months, it sure can get to you. Which it did of course. It was only a matter of time before we started snapping and tempers started raging.

“Keep Calm and Love Your Family” is easy to preach. However, it is very hard to practice. I mean lets face it. No matter how much you love your family differences in opinion never fail to spark a fight. Especially when you’re Indian!

As a result, in order to avoid fighting we started cutting down on the speech. Bad idea I realized in a matter of days. Because that only made things worse. I understood that we needed something to rekindle the love in our family.

I thought about various ways to make it work. We don’t really go out on weekdays. Basically because my parents don’t have the energy to stay out late after ten hours of work a day. There’s nothing fun about TV and entertainment. I mean who wants to stare a screen for hours together anyway?!

Things went on like this for a while. Yesterday morning, I went into my dad’s office upstairs to get a novel. And that’s when I found it.

It was sitting there in a corner, peacefully resting against the wall. Our Carrom Board. 🙂

Just looking at it made me smile. All of us used to sit together and play carroms when my brother and I were little kids. Everyday after my parents came home from work and we had our late tea, we would call the shots on seats and play.

We would play in teams and against each other. The atmosphere in the room would change as the game progressed. It would go from a quiet game to a scenario where the winning team would be taunting and grinning at the losing team. All in good spirit. 🙂

And so, I immediately brought the board downstairs. As my parents were not at home, I dusted it and set it up on the stand we had brought years ago. I called up my dad and asked him to buy some boric powder for the game. He was surprised and he asked me “Are we having guests over??”

“Nah appa.. Just the three of us..” I said.

“Oh okay..” he said though I could sense his amused smile.

And so yesterday evening we played again. Just the three of us. God knows after how many years! We did miss Gopu Anna without a doubt.

But what I had set out to accomplish was done. We are one happy little family once again (waiting for Anna to come back)! 🙂

That’s all for now. More to say later. Time for our next Carrom game!


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