Something wrong


They went to the movie theater every week, but today something was different..

As he sat between his mom and dad, little Sam was distracted. What had they meant earlier?

In the afternoon, he had been coloring his cartoon book when he heard a crashing sound from the kitchen. Sam got up and listened from the hallway.

“I can’t do this every day Emma!” daddy was shouting. “Let’s just tell Sam the truth. The sooner we do the better. He has to know some day.”

“Shhh.. We will.. But first you need to calm down..” his mom had replied.

Moments later Sam could hear the sounds of their muffled crying.

He had gone back to color his book and neither of them had told him anything. They had been smiling and laughing all evening.

Now he was anxious to know and it was killing him.


5 thoughts on “Something wrong

  1. and now it’s killing me! Adoption, that’s not so bad. But of course from a little boy’s perspective, it probably is. but what a wonderful angle to the twist.

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