In short

In this post you shall find some short-stories I have written ranging within fifty to one fifty words. I hope you like it. If you do, then do hit that follow button. 🙂

We were playing tag on the lawn outside her bungalow. I was losing and she was laughing victoriously. I couldn’t have cared less because she was so damn beautiful. And then suddenly out of nowhere it started raining. Her family called out to her and she went back inside while I stood there drenched and helpless. What could I do after all? I was only a stray dog on the road.


As he sat knee deep in snow, Ravi rested his gun against the barbed fence and pulled out a letter from his uniform’s pocket.

He read one particular line over and over again.

“I am fine. Don’t you worry”, his wife and mother of two had written.

But the tear-smudged alphabets told him otherwise.


People in the chawl complained there was never light at home. She did not complain about the darkness. She carried it everywhere. That was one of the things about being blind.


He had killed his way to get here. Over 300 dead and behind him, he had fired bullets mercilessly.

“Just a few more lives and I’ll get that money”, he thought to himself as he walked down the street. But just as he turned left into the lane to go home, he was shot in the chest.

John screamed and flung his console on the bed.

“Game Over” flashed the screen.


She wanted her answer today.

Either he loved her or he didn’t. She wanted it in black or white.

He wanted fifty shades of grey.



I am all ears!

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