People and Placements

The most eagerly awaited and dreaded season is finally here – Placement season! It has turned out to be everything we anticipated and much much more!!

I am not going to talk about what companies to choose from, how to choose them or anything of the sort primarily because I am not qualified to do so and secondly because I have something else to share with you. This post like everything else I have written, is personal.

The “Placement Season” is truly a season of sorts. It is similar to a climatic season for a number of reasons. But I personally count three main things.
Firstly, its usually around October – June (where I go to college). Secondly, the emotions it brings – happiness, excitement, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy – you name it, its all there! And finally, the shopping!! From shirts to shoes, you have to make sure you are accessorized to face this demon! 😀

The placement season has dawned at SCMS and man has it cast its shadows on us. I don’t think there is any one person who hasn’t been impacted by its arrival. Yes, there are people who couldn’t care less about placements and some who are in every sense of the word, indifferent. But nobody can deny the fact that the placements have altered their lives and the people in it.


“Just like seasons, people change.”

I think this holds true. At least, things that have been happening around me indicate so. The environment in college has changed and so have people. I am not surprised that such changes have occurred. I am surprised because it has happened way sooner than I had anticipated.

I remember all the warnings we got from our Director on Day 1 of college.

Get the first job.

Once your friends are placed you will feel the heat and turmoil inside you.

People will change. You will see who your real friends are.

Amen. I believed her as she said those words because you and I know that is just how the world is. Today, that reality is shaping up. I would be lying if I said things were going well with me.

The pressure and aggression is already up against each one of us. Competition is staring everyone in the face. Best friends are up against each other. Trust and bonds being broken. Priorities taking front seat. I am not complaining because that is how it has been and that is how it should be.

I am sure whenever you were at cross-roads in life, your faculty and family would have given you the cliched advice that every other person would have gotten.

You are not in love with him/her. Even if you are, you are not going to get married. You won’t be spending all your lives together. You are not doing yourself or your friend any good by making sacrifices. So decide and act for yourself.”

That is about as real as reality gets.

Over the last two weeks, we have been registering for placements with companies such as TCS, Deloitte, Philips and so on. Needless to say, there is a lot of commotion and chaos. Everybody has placement jitters and there is tension beneath the surface – as expected.

This past Monday we had our first placement drive notice arriving from Idea Cellular Limited saying the drive would take place on Friday. It did take place yesterday. It was a tough call for us to predict how many of our batch mates would be selected and who would it be. But then, this is all very routine and normal when it comes to interviews I guess.


What had me shocked was an entirely different aspect. People were actually open about expressing their own concerns and interests (which I believe I have no right to term as selfish). It was not the usual “I want this job and I am taking it” attitude. It was more of a “I hope you get this job so I can have the next (better) one.”

Some of my batch mates actually said “Dear God, please make sure this woman gets placed today. It will cut out some competition for the next company’s selection process.

If I were one of those vainglorious souls, I might have taken it as a compliment. But I am not. Just so you know, I am an accomplished yet deferential person who believes everybody is equal. I do wish for my success. But not at the cost of somebody’s downfall or failure. I have never once thought it would be good to be rid of someone. Yes I have thought that I would stand better chances if somebody I deemed to be competition weren’t there. However, I have not had the faintest wish that he/she wouldn’t compete. Because if I lost to that person I would at least know I gave it my all and respect the fact that he/she is better than me at something.

Then again, I believe in luck. Even a beggar could win a lottery and become a billionaire overnight. I accept the possibility that I could study for an objective test and still lose to a friend who plays “inky-pinky” on the answers or that I could end up facing questions in an interview from a totally different area about which I have no clue. Luck does matter. Maybe the student who performs most poorly in academics could get the highest paid job or the class topper could end up with no placements.

What I don’t understand is the logic behind wishing for the best (not referring to myself) to be out of the way. Do people not realize that a company which does not find candidates who meet its criteria may leave without recruiting anybody at all? If the best in your batch aren’t attending placement selection for the job and you don’t make the cut, then what is the point of your wishful thinking? You want a win-lose but you’ll end up with a lose-lose!

The point I am trying to make is simple. Placements can go either way. You could either find your dream job or stay stranded. They are both extreme possibilities. And most of us always end up in the middle except for select few. We don’t know what our future holds. All we can do is give it our best shot. If its meant to be, you’ll get it. If not, it will either come to you eventually or you will find something better.


Work hard. Pray hard. Party harder.

7 thoughts on “People and Placements

  1. Hey Vishku.nice post……wait for the real picture..

    as the dialogue goes “picture abhi bhi baaki hai”…

    get adapted because once u get into a so called corporate vicious circle things gonna be far than its all part of ua life training ….get trained and be a smart cadet ..all the best sissy..

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  2. True. But do remember, parents too got impacted. You are in a different era, compared to them. We are happy to be YOUR parents. BE POSITIVE, look out for the silver lining in every dark cloud😃😍

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