MBA – Half done!

Its been a year now since I joined SCMS and it feels like I have come to the end of an era. Its that phase in life when you get mixed emotions all over again. Love, hate, relief, anxiety, joy, hope – you name it, its all there. But the biggest feeling is that of wonder. The wonder of how I survived ten months in a corporate cell (by all means).

The last ten months play through my mind like it all happened yesterday. Being forced by my parents to join SCMS, the initial weeks of loneliness, struggling to stay awake for nine hours in class, swallowing down meals from the canteen and secretly wondering if I was eating worms (I’m strictly vegetarian)! Trying to understand where the aliens around me came from and puzzled as to how and why they behaved the way they did. It didn’t make much sense then. But I understand some parts of it now.

I know that sounds pretty bad for a start. I would make it sound more vivid and depressing if I were my normal self. But no, today I’ll be honest.

The very first lesson SCMS taught me was about friendship. Some of those who know or think they) my story are probably counting only the people that didn’t fit in. But, I’m not counting them. I’d rather concentrate on the good pieces of the puzzle.

(Note to R: You are probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the finer details of our strife. Because I have forgiven you,  WHICH doesn’t mean you are welcome back in my life. Its just that I’m trying to be a better person these days).

Anyway, the friendship puzzle took me nine months to solve. Yes! It took me nine months to piece it together. But, ever since I did, I have never been happier (not at SCMS atleast). My relationships in college aren’t perfect and I’m glad they are not. I still encounter some moments everyday which me and my friends call “Bitch moments”. However, I have no regrets whatsoever about all that went wrong. Because they are all lessons I have learnt. Good or bad – I have gathered the essence of things and why they happened.

I have had some really good times at SCMS too. My first Onam at SCMS for instance, was memorable for a number of reasons. Winning the group song competition by singing a folk song (YUP!), going to the Vadamvali finals wearing saree, drinking a paayasam that killed your tongue but got you drunk on happiness, the crazy photo sessions and every other crazy thing that happened that day. That was the first time I felt like I belonged with the crowd at SCMS. 🙂

Then all the participation and winning at management fests with my friends and seniors. One reckless night I’ll never forget is the ride to St. Joseph’s, Pala. #Seniors #friends #volvo #grooves 😀 No, I’ll not mention the fun we had at Rajagiri. 😉

Its hard to list all the good times I have had. Mainly because every friend at SCMS has given me atleast one humorous/happy memory to remember them by. No people, I won’t mention your names. Because I know it will go straight to your heads. I know what you’re thinking! 😀

SCMS has helped me become a better person I (would like to) think. From being rebellious to confident, lazy to hard working, lost to found. (Li’l too much eh?!)

This is not everything I wanted to say. But I can’t stay and spill it all out here because I am working on an assignment. Did I say one assignment? Oops. I meant three. Oh yeah! That too. SCMS has made me understand what its finally like to be busy and working. Corporate slavery is a skill secretly imbibed in us.

Somebody once told me you should never end things on a bad note. Needless to say, it was my teacher.

To all the teachers at SCMS who have helped me this year, thank you for all the guidance and support! It would be unfair to not appreciate your sincerity and efforts in trying to enlighten me. 🙂

Finally to all my friends from MBA 12 B, its been a great year guys! You have all made this year memorable for me. Lots of love and Good Luck. 🙂


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